Endowment Policy Surrender UK
Endowment Policy Surrender UK

Surrender endowment

*up to ££thousands more* Endowment Policy Surrender UK *up to ££thousands more*
Stop: Surrendering your endowment policy or policies is not necessarily the answer, it could be costing you thousands.
Why not try a free, no obligation quote from us and see if you can cash in or sell your endowment policy on the Traded Endowment Policy market.
It is possible to get thousands MORE than the quoted surrender value of your policy by selling your Endowment Policy instead.

Tens of thousands of endowment policy holders sell, cash in or surrender their endowment policy every year.

Most of the people who just surrender their endowment policies are often disappointed with the amounts they receive. This is due to the surrender value not realising the potential full endowment policy value.

There is an alternative to surrendering your endowment - selling it (cashing in your endowment) on the traded endowments market. Assuming your policy is suitable, you could get much more than your quoted surrender value by selling or cashing in your endowment policy.

cash in endowment policy

Endowment policy surrender
Don't just surrender your endowment policy,
cash in or sell your endowment and realise more than the surrender value here

Sound Complicated?

Just fill out our Online Form, and we'll get you quotes but if you want an immediate response from Absolute Assigned Policies, one of the top 'market makers' regarding endowment policies in the UK call
No Longer Trading

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Remember, just by getting a quote for your policy, you do not have to sell or cash in your endowment. You are under no obligation to surrender, sell or cash in your endowment policies.

If you find you like our quotes, we'll take care of the details.

There's no obligation, and you've only used five minutes of your time.

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Replacement Life Insurance
Please bear in mind that your life insurance will cease when you sell, cash in your endowment policy or surrender the endowment policy. If you still need the life insurance, but don't want the investment part of the policy, do set up the new life insurance before finally surrendering or selling your endowment policy. To get a quote for replacement Life Insurance click here .

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